Soon to be Released Modules for Voltage Modular

Innovative modules for Voltage Modular designed to help you expand your horizons and develop full scale musical compositions that feature superb structural, harmonic, melodic and rhythmic interest.


Looking at a blank piano roll editor and hoping for inspiration? Frustrated by not being able to expand your killer loop into something larger? Perhaps you are an experienced producer looking for an alternative work flow? Or perhaps you want to invent an esoteric generative music system with a mind of its own?


Adroit Synthesis modules support both conventional and experimental ways of working. You can create music using top-down or bottom-up composition techniques or by exploring the new possibilities that each module unlocks.


Begin with an architectural framework and then fill in the details. Or start with a chord progression and a rhythmical idea and expand it bit by bit. Or unleash your inner nerd and patch together the modules in any way you can dream up.

Voltage Modular

Find out more about Cherry Audio's amazing virtual modular synthesizer system Voltage Modular.


An introduction to the Adroit Synthesis Large Scale Sequencing Project.

The Modules

Explore the Adroit Synthesis Modules.