This module performs a relatively simple scaling operation on V/Bar signals but it has quite a profound impact on the V/Bar timing system.

Normally Adroit sequencers run for a single bar so there is a simple one-to-one relationship between the V/Bar signal and the running of a sequencer. A change of one volt results in one cycle of the sequence. However this module allows this relationship to be changed so that for instance a 16 step sequence can last for eight bars or for just the duration of an eighth note.

The range is quite vast as the change is expressed as a fraction that can vary from 99/1 (in other words 99 times faster than normal) down to 1/99 (or 99 times slower than normal). Also the scaling is very precise as 64 bit math is used.

Simple fractions such as 2/1 or 1/2 perform simple doubling or halving but it is also of course possible to enter weird values such as 15/17. If you are interested in polyrhythms then this module should offer you hours of fun.

Although this module is usually inserted just before the V/Bar input of a sequencer or chain of sequencers it can of course be used anywhere in a V/Bar patch so can open up new possibilities with Time Splitters.

A related idea is to drive Adroit sequencers at audio rates to explore user programmable waveforms by using the V/Bar Utility module to remap a standard oscillator’s -5 V to +5 V sawtooth output into the V/Bar range.