The Song Part module works in conjunction with the Song Control module and any number of additional Song Part modules to form a high-level Song Control Sequencer to manage the overall structure of a song.

The steps of the Song Control Sequencer, rather than being individual notes, are the sections of a song. For instance Intro, Verse 1, Chorus 1, Verse 2, Chorus 2, Bridge, Chorus 3, Outro.

A complete song consisting of eight parts

Each Song Part module represents one section of a song and any number of these modules can be linked together in series using the LINK IN and LINK OUT sockets to form songs of any length.

The SOLO button enables a single part of the song to be isolated while you work on perfecting it (there’s no need to fiddle with looping controls). A LED on the Song Control module illuminates to remind you that a part is soloed.

The duration of the part is set by the NUMBER OF BARS control.

Low-level Adroit Synthesis sequencers connected to a module’s V/Bar output become active when the part is playing.

In a simple setup a Song Part module’s V/Bar output would be directly connected to the V/Bar input of a sequencer and the sequencer would loop for as many bars as is set by the NUMBER OF BARS control.

A simple setup with a Song Part module directly controlling a 16 step sequencer

But an intermediate layer of sequencing control can be inserted using Time Splitting modules to enable more elaborate multi-bar sequencing.

Using a Time Spliter to create a 32 step two bar sequence

A variety of Time Splitting modules is provided to enable the construction of long sequence chains or pattern based sequences such as ABAC or AAAB that take advantage of repeating motifs.

Also note that different Song Part modules can drive the same sequencers so that for instance a chorus need not be constructed multiple times.

The IS ACTIVE socket provides a gate signal that is high when the part is playing. This can be used to control any aspect of your setup, perhaps controlling the application of an effect to just one part or to engage different elements of the sequencing system – for instance to bring in an extra instrument to differentiate one verse from another.