The Minor Scales module produces pitch voltages representing the notes in minor scales.

There are several different minor scales.

The natural minor scale is represented by the main column on the left.

The harmonic minor scale differs from the natural minor scale by using the major 7th rather than the minor 7th pitch.

The ascending melodic scale is like the harmonic minor scale except it also uses the major 6th rather than the minor 6th pitch.

The descending melodic minor scale is the same as the harmonic minor scale.

The small yellow numbers show the number of semitones difference in pitch between the outputs.

The KEY IN socket is used to control which of 12 keys the scale is based on. If no voltage is connected then the key defaults to C.

Use this module in conjunction with other modules in the Adroit Synthesis Chords and Scales bundle to build a palette of chords and scales to use in a song.

Individual pitch outputs can be used for transposition, to build chords or be fed to voltage or clock controlled switches for use in generative music patches.

The commonest application is perhaps to use the polyphonic signals output from the three S-Poly sockets to feed into Adroit modules that utilize scales.